About Us

1 300x107 About UsKVS Import Solutions is an importing business located in Hughesville, PA dedicated to enhancing trade performance between the U.S. and Algerian markets by importing Algerian goods to the United States.

Our mission is to introduce high quality, natural Algerian goods and products to the U.S. market.  Our primary focus is searching for new channels for importing these goods to the U.S.  Our current goals include importing superior quality products from Algeria to the U.S. including but not limited to wine, dates, olive oil and plant based essential oils.

The owner/CEO, Cherif Ammar-Khodja, an Algerian native, came to the U.S. 25 years ago.  His knowledge of both Algeria and the U.S. provides comfort to Algerian companies as they navigate and explore new trade opportunities with KVS Import Solutions.  Cherif’s dual citizenship of Algeria and the U.S. provides KVS Import Solutions with a unique advantage in that we offer our clients/customers the comfort and convenience of working with a representative who has a wealth of knowledge of both countries.